ArticleAreal wight (gr/smq)WeaveFiberWarp Threads/cmWeft Threads/cmStandard width mmThickness** (mm)Resin Compatibility***Scheda
ZZ300T300Twill 2x2Zylon HM 164 Tex9.19.110000.36EpoxyProduct sheet
ZZ500T500Twill 2x2Zylon HM 327 Tex7.67.610000.64EpoxyProduct sheet
INN 340T340TwillHMPP3115.25.210000.65EpoxyProduct sheet
VV 812 P812PlainHT 600 Tex6.56.612500.65EpoxyProduct sheet

* Threads count tolerance / cm ± 3%
** Thickness value is approximate and depends on the resin content in the laminate
*** Compatibility with other matrix is subject to check and approval from our technical department