ArticleAreal weight (gr/sqm)WeaveFiberWarp threads/cm*Weft threads/cm*Standard width (mm)Thickness (mm)**Resin Compatibility***Sheet
GG 265 T265Twill 2/2I2K-MR703.23.210000.25EpoxyProduct sheet
GG 180 N180Rete 2/2cm Net 2/2cm24 K1.511000-EpoxyProduct sheet
GG 400 P400Plain24K - MR 60H2.12.110000.4EpoxyProduct sheet
WS67T10B67Twill 2/2HM HR40-3mm TOW-WIDTH3.13.110000.08EpoxyProduct sheet
WS103P7M103PlainIM MR70-8mm TOW-WIDTH1.21.210000.08EpoxyProduct sheet
WS75P10B75PlainIM MR60-3mm TOW-WIDTH3.13.110000.08EpoxyProduct sheet
WS75P10075PlainHM HR40-3mm TOW-WIDTH3.13.110000.08EpoxyProduct sheet
WS63P10B65PlainHST600-5mm TOW-WIDTH1.91.910000.08EpoxyProduct sheet
WS52P10052PlainHM M46J-5mm TOW-WIDTH1.91.910000.08EpoxyProduct sheet
GG 80 WS80Plain12K0.50.510000.08EpoxyProduct sheet
GG 100 WS100Plain15K0.50.510000.11EpoxyProduct sheet
GG 200 WS200Plain12K1.251.2510000.22EpoxyProduct sheet

* Threads count tolerance/cm ± 3%
**Thickness value is approximate and depends on the resin content in the laminate.
*** Compatibility with other matrix is subject to check and approval from our technical department **** Article available also in Twill 2/2