Matrix DMA E’ onset Tg(°C) Service Temperature (°C) Cure range (°C) Post cure (°C) Shelf-life@ -18°C Outlife@ 21°C Applications Sheet
E9-304 Sheet
R9-302 Sheet
X1-300 115 100 80-150 - 12 months 4 weeks Highly transparent aesthetic system, complying with UL94V-0, FAR/JAR 25.853 Appendix F, part 1 (a)(1)(i)(ii), part IV(e)(g) and partV (a)(b) regulations, and ABD0031 D6-51377, for specific configurations Sheet
E9-300 135 125 80-150 - 12 months 4 weeks General purpose system, complying with UL94V-0 specifications for carbon fiber laminate thickness from 0.7 mm onward; Heat release,Vertical flammability and Optical smoke density CS 25.853 for some specific configurations;RailTransportation EN45545-2 Critical radiant flux, Smoke density and CITG HL2 for some specific configurations. Sheet