custom made composites

Custom made composites

Do you already have a project in mind that requires a composite product?
We can make it happen.

We can develop and customise the result according to your requirements in our state-of-the-art internal laboratory. Furthermore, we are able to assist our customers with their most ambitious and innovative projects, through our Research & Development department’s various test phases and our production capacity (also working with small volumes).

Lastly, our team of expert technicians and engineers manage the entire production process to ensure the customer’s concept is implemented to the highest quality standards. We achieve this by using the best raw materials, such as advanced resins, carbon fibres, linen, glass fibres, aramid fibres and other high-performance fibres.



Your vision, our mission

The final result will not only focus on performance; our Style Office will also creatively customise the result according to the customer’s specifications.
In fact, our mission is to bring the customer’s ideas to life, in any application field: from automotive interiors to structural components for motorsports, from bicycle frames to lighting, from construction to furnishings.

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