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“If you have a project in composite material, our company’s philosophy is very easy. Every customer is a good customer and every project is a good project.”
Massimo Becagli (CEO)

We at Microtex Composites believe in our customer’s ideas. We believe so much in their ideas that we have founded a company based on this belief.

Your vision is our mission and we accomplish it every day together thanks to:

  • a lean structure
  • a dynamic technical support
  • an excellent customer service
  • a smart production planning

This allows us to be flexible, in order to adapt to the numerous needs of our customers. In this way we can ensure a high level of customization.

Do you have a customized interior and exterior project, a project in aesthetic or structural composite material?

Trust us: we have over 50 years experience in the textile industry and we are experts of composite materials, from dry fabrics to prepregs.
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