Automobili Pininfarina Battista: the first electric hyper-GT made in Italy

Carbon fibers for bodywork and interior have been produced from our company, leader in the automotive market

The Automobili Pininfarina Battista is the first electric hyper GT made in Italy, produced in 150 individually hand-crafted units only by Automobili Pininfarina, a new company born of a legendary brand to launch a portfolio of new luxury electric vehicles.
The hyper GT features carbon fibre components which are used in the automotive market to reach remarkable advantages. On one hand, they allow to gain resistance/weight better performances and on second hand they allow the reduction the CO2 emissions on the atmosphere.
The choice of the carbon fibre comes from the desire to create an elegant and unique design for the Italian hyper GT: the most powerful and sustainable ever produced. The Automobili Pininfarina Battista delivers a level of performance that is unachievable today in any road-legal sports car featuring internal combustion engine technology.
Carbon fibre fabrics

From the cooperation between the R&D dept. of Microtex Composites and the Colour Materials Office of Automobili Pininfarina came two special fabrics, exclusively produced for the Automobili Pininfarina Battista.  As a result, these fabrics have been characterized by unique patterns and one of them is enriched by a blue yarn.


GG 245 6100

GP 260 2100


X4-140 is an epoxy “carbon look” resin, one-of-a-kind, when compared to matrices of the same category.

Why X4-140 is so WOW
  • maximum transparency
  • great surface finishing
  • dicy-free which means no white spots and marks when in contact with the mould
  • UV-rays good resistance: anti-yellowing properties (photo and thermo degradation resistance)
  • Good mechanical properties
  • High TG

Read X4-140 technical sheet by clicking here
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PininfarinaBattista- case

Feedback from the customer

“We challenge ourselves and verify every step along the design process to ensure innovation is not just defined by the car’s electrification. The development of bodywork of this quality in carbon fibre and the use of carbon is ground-breaking: the way that the suspended rear wing connects to the body without shut-lines on the body side would not be possible in metal. The way that surfaces and forms are blended into the wheel arches would probably not be possible in metal either.”

Technical features of Automobili Pininfarina Battista

  • From 0 to 100 km/h in less than 2 seconds (faster than a current Formula 1 car) with 1,900 hp and 2,300 Nm torque on tap
  • From 0 to 300 km/h in less than 12 seconds (max speed 350 km/h).

Electric recharge for a zero emissions package

The 120 kWh lithium-ion battery back provides power to four electric motors – one at each wheel – with a simulated WLTP range of over 500 km on a single charge.

Battista’s all-electric powertrain delivers performance unachievable with an ICE powertrain, and an access-all-city-areas ability for future zero emissions zones.


There is a small central screen – where the speed is visible – and 2 touchscreens around the wheel for pilot’s infotainment.

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Photo courtesy of Automobili Pininfarina